IMT Atlantique

IMT Atlantique, is an institute of higher education and research, grounded through the fusion of École des Mines Nantes and Telecom Bretagne in January 2017. IMT Atlantique Technological University, is a member of Institut Mines Telecom. The research potential ranks IMT Atlantique among the top 10 in France.
We have built our reputation both on high-level research and on innovative teaching methods. We offer three degrees: MEngs—including through apprenticeship, MS’ and PhDs. We prepare our future engineers and researchers to a globalized world upheld on a network of 180 partners across the world, offering 51 double-degrees and three international MS’. We offer three programs which cover all fields in the nuclear sector, from the most fundamental to applied.



The nuclear engineering degree is for students interested in engineering in the main companies and institutions in the nuclear field. The nuclear engineering option trains generalist engineers, capable of adapting to projects in the nuclear sector. Numerous nuclear industry professionals contribute to the training (IRSN, ASN, Framatome, Orano, CEA, EDF) as well as teacher-researchers from the ITM Atlantique departments, the Subatech laboratory and the Social Sciences and Management department. Students acquire solid scientific and technical skills essential to the nuclear industry, as well as knowledge of the sociological aspects of the industry.



We offer an international MS in Sustainable Nuclear Energy – Applications and Management (SNEAM), taught in English. Students acquire solid scientific, technical and industrial knowledge in each off the three majors:

  • Advanced Nuclear Waste Management (ANWM) focuses on the back-end of the nuclear fuel cycle, waste management, long-term safety, and environmental impact assessment, and provides strong insights on dismantling and decommissioning issues;
  • Nuclear Energy Production & Industrial Applications (NEPIA) specializes in nuclear reactors and industrial applications (particles beams technology, instrumentation, etc.). A particular focus is put on safety and radiation protection.



The “Safe and Reliable Nuclear Applications (SARENA)” master’s degree offers two different tracks:

  • Radioactive Waste Management and Decommissioning (RWMD) – tracks in France and Spain ;
  • Nuclear reactor operation and safety (NROS) – courses in France, Finland and Slovenia.



IMT Atlantique participates in many joint research units with CNRS, Nantes University, University of South Brittany, University of Rennes 1, other graduate schools, INSERM and INRIA. We have created two research and teaching chairs in the nuclear and high-risk industry sectors in partnership with major corporations such as ANDRA, ORANO, EDF, NAVAL Group, and IRSN.

Key figures


students on three campuses (Brest, Nantes, Rennes)




graduates per year – from engineering degrees to doctorates



PhD students



€24 million

revenue generated by research




start-ups created in 2017