The Committee of Experts

Valérie L’HOSTIS

Valérie L’Hostis is a qualified materials scientist, physico-chemist and corrosion scientist.

She obtained a PhD in Corrosion (Biocorrosion of stainless steels in seawater) from Pierre et Marie Curie Paris 6 University after 3 years of research in the Laboratory of Aqueous Corrosion of the Atomic Energy Commission.

After this, she joined the Laboratory of concrete and clay studies of the Atomic Energy Commission in Saclay in 2002 for studying mechanisms of reinforcement corrosion in concrete. During 8 years, she leaded a project dedicated to the long term behaviour of reinforced concrete structures in the context of nuclear industry (including waste containers and nuclear power plants concrete structures). This programme included corrosion and electrochemical tests in laboratory, mechanical tests of concrete beams and characterisation of old specimens sampled on archaeological analogues. A large part of the programme was also dedicated to phenomenological modelling of corrosion processes and mechanical consequences of corrosion products growth. This project was conducted for a range of customers in the nuclear industry, including EDF, AREVA and Niras-Ondraf (Belgium).

In 2010, she obtained the diploma of “Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches” at the University of Toulouse and was promoted as “Senior expert” of the CEA.

From 2011 to 2018, she has leaded the Laboratory of concrete and clays studies. This position allowed her to take part to national projects concerning long term behaviour of waste containers, including hydric, thermic, mechanical fields. She was Chair of the RILEM Technical Committee dedicated to Concrete for Nuclear waste Management (TC-226-CNM). In this context, several Workshops and meeting were organized with international agencies and Research Institutes.

From 2018 to 2020, she has been project leader on civil engineering and corrosion issues in NPPs at the Departement of physico-chemistry of the Direction of Nuclear Energy.

Since 2020, she is in charge of the institutional partnerships at the Direction of Program Energy of the CEA. In this context, she is promoting expertise of the Direction of Energies into National, European and international programmes.

She is frequently asked to peer review papers submitted to corrosion or concrete science journals. She is also frequently asked as expert to evaluate the durability and/or maintenance strategy for existing nuclear concrete structures (CEA containers or storage buildings). She is the lead author or co-author of over 60 external publications and 60 CEA technical reports (a complete list can be provided on request).