The Committee of Experts


Graduate of the engineering school PHELMA (formerly ENSPG), after a military service in quantum mechanics at the CEA on the project of Atomic Vapor Laser Isotopic Separation (SILVA), Hervé TOUBON began his career in 1993 in nuclear process control at the Orano La Hague facility (ex COGEMA). After starting the R1 shearing workshop of the UP2-800 plant, the design of the nuclear measurements stations of the Hull Compaction Workshop (ACC), it set up the fuel acceptance group to make the technical interface with Orano La Hague customers wishing their specific fuels to be accepted for reprocessing. He then joined R&D at the headquarters of the group in charge of physics subjects (Nuclear Measurements, Criticality, Radiation Protection and Robotics) and in parallel he participated in the start of the ACC workshop. In 2005, he joined AREVA’s Nuclear Measurements Business Unit (CANBERRA) as Director of Development France, then Technical Director France and Director of R&D Europe, where he participated in the design of many specific nuclear measurement positions. In 2012, he joined the Mining Business Unit as Deputy R&D Director and now Director of R&D and Innovation.

He has been an Expert Fellow in Nuclear Measurements for the Orano Group since 2018, has patented 7 inventions and is author or co-author of more than 80 publications in the field of nuclear measurement and criticality.

He has been member of the I2EN Committee of Experts since 2015.