The I2EN manages clients’ requests to propose the most suitable answers including the selection of experts from France and the UK who will be able to carry out or assist clients in each of the steps related to the offer or services needed. One of the I2EN’s comparative advantages over its competitors is its capacity and vocation to act as a federator, bringing together various partners and members, and marshalling all parts of them to create wide-ranging synergies and producing the best solutions for its clients

Building upon its entire experience and infrastructures, France proposes human capacity building (HCB) guidance and customized solutions to embarking, operating, and expanding countries. The scope of the French offer is broad, from pre-project all through to dismantling of an NPP, based on France’s extensive experience, best international practices, IAEA Standards, Milestones and Guidelines.

Here are some examples of services available:

Centres of Excellence: In this context, the centre of excellence is a nuclear training centre in the host country, that can be set up in a partnership with the support of the French, including the French Ministry of Education and its local counterpart, and industry. The objectives are to stimulate local technological innovation and integrate social objectives, including sustainable economic development for the region, while producing employees with the best qualifications for working on a nuclear project.

Radiation Protection: The I2EN can organize basic radiation protection training for all personnel that will give sufficient knowledge and awareness to the participants on how to enter and exit a nuclear controlled areas and apply the required safety procedures used in any nuclear environment. The training will enhance safety culture so that workers keep the dosimetry as low as possible (ALARA principle), and the training is based on the SAT (systematic approach to training) method promoted by the IAEA. Training includes theoretical courses as well as practical exercises carried out in the mock-up training premises, case studies, questionnaires, and a final evaluation.

“Summer” Schools: These schools are usually organized during the summer but can take place at any other time of the year as required. It is a special educational programme for a group of trainees and can address any nuclear topic (e.g. nuclear safety, radiation protection, quality assurance, quality control, integrated management systems, etc.). Such courses are usually taken as part of an academic course or as an independent course for professional. These sessions can be carried out in France, in the host country or using distance learning (MOOC). They are completely customizable according to the needs of the client. The instructors/lecturers are French or English experts/professors qualified and recognized in their area of expertise. The I2EN will design the course, select the lecturers and topics (according to the needs expressed), and make all the practical arrangements.

Training Programme Evaluation: The purpose of this service is for the I2EN experts to analyse whether nuclear training programmes are effective for a nuclear project in a specific country. Trainers and human resource experts will assess curricula and syllabuses to ensure that they are of quality and aligned with the nuclear prerequisites and requirements. The aim of this audit is to make recommendations for improvements.

Study Tours: Visit of French nuclear industry, research, and training facilities. The tour can include workshops and meetings with industry experts, government officials, professors from engineering schools and technical institutes specialized in the nuclear field, from technicians to senior executives. The study tours usually last from one to three weeks.

Directory of Nuclear Job Descriptions: The I2EN can provide a directory of all job descriptions in the nuclear sector. Each job description includes the training requirements (academic and/or professional) to become qualified.

Although this list could seem fairly extensive, these are only some examples of what the I2EN and the French nuclear stakeholder can provide. We will offer solutions for each request.

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