Offering Nuclear Education & Training Solutions

Nowadays, about 1,200 students graduate each year from one of the French programmes in nuclear energy. Most of these professionals-to-be received formal classroom, laboratory, and on-the-job training, either through internships, apprenticeship, or during their PhD studies.

By combining academic and industrial resources, the French nuclear education system covers the complete spectrum of professions necessary to the development and operation of a fleet of nuclear power plants and fuel cycle facilities: technicians for operation, radiation protection, security, and maintenance; engineers and researchers for design, operation, and innovation; materials, safety, and legal experts; managers, professors, and teachers.

Some companies complement this training with in-house training for new recruits and all of them offer continuing education to their employees.

This system guarantees not only that the future nuclear workforce is skilled and meets the needs of the industry, but also that the current workforce remains always aware of new developments in nuclear technologies, safety, security, and best practices.