Nuclear Energy in France

Since the 1970s, France’s policy has always been to rely on safe, sustainable, and competitive nuclear energy for its electricity generation. Over 2,500 companies and over 220,000 jobs are currently involved in the French nuclear supply chain, our third largest industry.

France believes in the future of nuclear energy as illustrated in its recently revised energy plan. In its fight against climate change, France has committed to decarbonize its economy and to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, partly thanks to a higher use of low carbon electricity.

The French government and the industry have recently agreed on a joint roadmap to carry on the development of the nuclear energy in France and abroad. The French nuclear industry is most certainly the only one in the world which has a proven track record of developing highly skilled nuclear industry and human resources in partner countries. In South Korea, South Africa and China, the French industry has worked together with the local industry to develop its capabilities for construction, operation, and maintenance. More recently with the Hinkley Point project (construction of 2 EPR reactors), EDF and its partners are reviving the UK local nuclear industry.

Data: 2021 – 

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