I2EN relies on an independent committee of experts to review French nuclear education programmes. It awards the I2EN Seal on the basis of specific criteria. The members of the I2EN Committee of Experts are recognized experts in their fields. Each review team is comprised of at least two experts, one from academia and the other from industry.

I2EN accreditation and the awarding of the I2EN Seal

The accreditation of nuclear education and training programmes is meant to guarantee that programmes meet the highest academic requirements in conformity with industrial and R&D requirements. Internationally, it represents quality.

The I2EN accreditation is based on three categories of criteria:

  1. Relevance, with respect to the needs in skills and qualifications of the nuclear industry;
  2. Resources, with respect to the resources implemented by the academic institution to guarantee the best learning conditions: infrastructures, international agreements, etc.;
  3. Criteria in compliance with the specific provisions of the national educational framework as set out by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research, and Innovation.

Who awards the accreditation?

The High Commissioner for Atomic Energy and I2EN Chairman awards the I2EN Seal based on the recommendations of the Committee of Experts.