I2EN – Brief History

The International Institute of Nuclear Energy (I2EN) is an umbrella organization that brings together French stakeholders involved in nuclear education and training. Today, the I2EN has 52 members: 14 partners (government ministries and agencies, industry, and research) and 38 associate members (regulator’s technical support organization, academia, and E&T associations). The I2EN was created in 2010 and officially inaugurated in June 2011.

The Institute was set up to be the single point of contact for countries wishing to develop nuclear education and training programmes, training centres, and comprehensive systems to manage nuclear human resources over the whole lifetime of a nuclear programme. This expertise is meant to be shared with countries wishing to benefit from France’s 60 years of experience in managing nuclear human resources for nuclear power programmes.

At the national level, the I2EN fosters the relationship between the nuclear industry and academia in the areas of education and training. For instance, experts brought together by the I2EN review French nuclear education and training programmes to ensure that they meet the requirements of the nuclear industry through a certification process with the award of the I2EN seal.

November 2019

Revised statute of the I2EN

On 6 November 2019, the I2EN Partners signed revised by-laws & rules of the Institute, shifting its administrative relationship from the CEA to the GIFEN, France’s nuclear trade association. There are some changes in the Institute’s membership but it retains its main characteristics namely the support of government, research, industry, and academia.

January 2022

KAREN DAIFUKU was appointed Director of the I2EN

April 2019

Karen Daifuku was appointed Deputy Director of the I2EN

Formerly was Senior Advisor in the International Nuclear Development Department, EDF Group Engineering and New Nuclear Division.

February 2019

Henri Safa was appointed Director of the I2EN

Doctor in Physics. Formerly was Coordinator of the Scientific Committee of CEA’s Nuclear Energy Division.

April 2014

Henri Safa was appointed Deputy Director of I2EN

November 2013

Yves Fanjas was appointed Director of the I2EN

Formerly Deputy Director of Research & Innovation, Areva Group, and Director of Technical & Scientific Training at Areva’s Training Department.

October 2013

Statute of the I2EN

On October 22, 2013, the I2EN’s partners sign new bylaws & rules of the Institute. The objectives of the I2EN are redefined and its governance is reviewed.
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27 June 2011

Official inauguration

Valérie Pécresse, Minister of Higher Education & Research, and Eric Besson, Minister of Industry, Energy, and Digital Economy officially inaugurate the I2EN.

February 2011

Marie-Françoise Debreuille was appointed Director of the I2EN

September 2010

The I2EN becomes operational.

June 2010

Report: “Considerations for the establishment the International Institute of Nuclear Energy”

Following the International Conference on Access to Civilian Nuclear Energy, Catherine Césarsky then France’s High Commissioner for Atomic Energy, delivered a report to the government on the feasibility and added-value of the I2EN.

8 March 2010

International Conference on Access to Civilian Nuclear Energy, Paris, France

French President Nicolas Sarkozy expressed France’s willingness to assist any country wishing to use nuclear technology for peaceful purposes that fully abides by its non-proliferation obligations.
He also announced the creation of the International Nuclear Energy Institute. It will gather the best teachers and researchers to provide very high quality education. Ultimately, he hoped that a vast scientific network will take shape and bring together international efforts.