The Council of Partners

The I2EN Council of Partners convenes twice a year to define the strategy of the Institute, its programme of work and budget. It is is chaired by the High Commissioner for Atomic Energy.



The council of partners defines the policy and the strategy of the Institute. It is in charge of:

  • setting the I2EN’s yearly programme of work and budget;
  • approving the annual, moral, and financial report of the previous year;
  • appointing the director upon proposal of the High Commissioner and after a call for applications to the members of the Assembly;
  • deciding upon any action or measure with respect to I2EN’s involvement abroad;
  • deciding upon any action or measure to redefine I2EN’s mission in France;
  • approving I2EN’s Policies and Procedures;
  • approving the associate members’ charter;
  • deciding upon the admission or removal of a Partner or Associate Member under the conditions defined by the Policies and Procedures and in the Associate Members’ Charter.


Partners fall into the following four categories:

Industry : Bureau Veritas, EDF, Gifen, Orano

National higher education associations : CDEFI and CPU

R&D organizations: Andra, CEA, CNRS

Government ministries: Ministry of Europe & Foreign Affairs, Ministry of the Armed Forces, Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Recovery, Ministry of the Ecological Transition, Ministry of Higher Education, Research & Innovation.