Giving nuclear energy its full value

The nuclear sector is an industry of the future, one that creates value and jobs. It is its capacity to provide powerful, safe, low carbon and competitively priced electricity that fully gives it its place among the energies of tomorrow. It is an energy source that is essential to meet the challenges our world is facing: to double the production of electricity whilst halving the production of greenhouse gases.


Our expertise: to supply high-tech products and services right across the nuclear fuel cycle, from mining to dismantling, as well as in conversion, enrichment, recycling, logistics, engineering and nuclear medicine. It is this internationally-recognized expertise that provides the foundation for the relationship of trust that we have built up over time with our customers.
Our priorities: creating value for our customers, innovation and operational excellence.
Our values: responsibility and safety, customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, respect and people development, cohesion and team spirit, leading by example, and integrity.




Multidecades experience in skills development for the nuclear industry

  • Vocational and regulatory training;
  • Training centers close to industrial and nuclear sites (Mining college, “Ecole des métiers” at La Hague, Trihom…);
  • Design of training modules, learning solutions, tailored-made training and career-specific programs for nuclear professions;
  • Innovative educational means: e-learning, serious game, virtual reality, simulators, study tours including site visits, interactive classroom modules…


A unique mastery of the nuclear cycle of a deeply renewed industrial tool over the last ten years (conversion/enrichment/recycling)

Thanks to its wide range of professions – from mining to dismantling, and by relying on teams experienced in sharing and transferring knowledge, on high-quality pedagogical contents, on distinctive industrial and engineering tools, on the experience of its deep transformation over the past few years, Orano’s training offer is both large and well-integrated in the global French training offer coordinated by I2EN. Our offer includes the following:

  • Introduction to nuclear Cycle;
  • Nuclear project management;
  • Nuclear Safety skills;
  • Design, operation, maintenance and decommissioning of nuclear facilities;
  • Support for the definition of partners’Human Resource Development roadmap;
  • Transformation and Excellence programs for managers;
  • Leadership programs and learning solutions for Executives.

We are able to partner with all French nuclear energy players to address the needs in Human Capacity building of newcomer and expanding countries.


Nuclear cycletraining 2.0

We are also able to develop and customize innovative solutions to train and develop people faster and deeper. By leveraging up-to-date technologies such as virtual or augmented reality, we deliver programs able to constantly improve nuclear safety and operational performance while reducing workers’ exposure to radioactive environment.

Key figures

16 500


3,7 million euros
in revenues


of revenues abroad


300 million euros
invested in facility safety


industrial sites in France


greenhouse gas emissions since 2004