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ESTP Paris

Since 1891, ESTP Paris has been the leading school for construction in the broadest sense of the term: design, construction, and operation of buildings and infrastructures. Our priority has always been to combine educational excellence with the adaptation of our training to the needs of companies in both technical and management terms. Digital challenges are leading to the rapid development of intelligent buildings and smart cities, while sustainable development is leading to the emergence of responsible managers to build the world of tomorrow. 
ESTP Paris degrees guarantee you professional opportunities even before you leave school, in a rapidly changing sector.
Welcome to ESTP Paris, the leading school for construction managers. 



The ESTP Paris offers a graduate level 3rd year concentration in nuclear civil engineering. It is unique in the world, internationally oriented and taught entirely in English. The ESTP Paris master’s degree in nuclear civil engineering meets the challenges of the nuclear sector in the field of construction: design of new-generation power plants; maintenance and dismantling of existing buildings, with particular attention paid to safety and waste management in accordance with the requirements of sustainable development The high level of scientific teaching and the acquisition of knowledge in advanced technology lead to both doctoral training and positions of responsibility in industry, in France and abroad. The courses are delivered in various forms: lectures, projects, tutorials, practical work, visits, etc.


Reception of foreign students

ESTP Paris offers a certain number of services to guarantee a quality welcome for its foreign students:

  • Assistance with administrative formalities and personalized pedagogical support;
  • Assistance with housing in student residences or private rentals;
  • Agreements with the prefectures for residence permit formalities;
  • Information on financial aid;
  • Weekly and intensive French as a foreign language courses;
  • International student association and individual sponsorship by French students.
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