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Claude Bernard University – Lyon I trains students in the fields of science and technology, health and sports science. With an excellent intellectual reputation in France and abroad, Claude Bernard University – Lyon I is constantly pushing the limits of knowledge, promoting education through research, and encouraging dialogue between science and society.


NUCLEAR TRAINING AT Claude Bernard University

The SYVIC master degree: Synthesis, Aging and Characterization of Nuclear Materials
The objective of this master’s degree is to train key employees in the nuclear industry of tomorrow. This program was created to meet the requirements of private and public research as well as the R&D needs of industry. It focuses on the problems and challenges faced when handling materials during the nuclear power cycle in terms of sustainable development. In particular, materials used in nuclear fission and reactor meltdown, and materials associated with nuclear waste management are examined.
A basic study of materials used for energy completes the training.
The SYVIC master’s degree is designed for students who have completed a first year master’s degree in physics, chemical physics or materials science, or for engineering students who have completed four years of higher education.

The professional license in radioprotection, dismantling and nuclear waste
The main objective of this license is to train project managers or assistant engineers working in the nuclear industry in one year at a bac+3 level. More specifically, they can be attached to either radiation protection departments, dismantling management departments, or nuclear waste management departments.


Cutting-edge research for quality training: the continuous exchanges between training and research allow the University to offer its students a quality curriculum. And for those who are attracted by this taste of “research”, the University offers the possibility of pursuing a doctorate.

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