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Chimie ParisTech – PSL

Chimie ParisTech – PSL, a component of the PSL University, has been training generalist chemical engineers for 120 years, with a strong sense of innovation, who are highly valued by companies and international academic research organizations.

The training at Chimie ParisTech is based on the following fundamentals an in-depth knowledge of the physical and chemical properties of matter and its transformations; the acquisition of complementary skills, particularly in mathematics and computer science; solid skills in business management; the development of an innovative spirit; and the consideration of sustainable development and social responsibility; learning two foreign languages and discovering interculturality (presence of foreign students and teachers, intercultural seminar in the second year, compulsory international mobility during the curriculum as part of an internship or academic mobility); a permanent concern for the personal development of students and their professional projects; intense contact with the industrial world.



The Master of Nuclear Energy, “Fuel Cycle” track

The objective of the “Fuel Cycle” specialization is to teach the physics and chemistry required for the various stages of the cycle. Particular emphasis will be placed on separation-transmutation, whose recent advances are leading to a renewal of the cycle-reactor approach by introducing the notion of recycling, or even “multi-recycling” for complete incineration in a reactor, of long-lived minor actinides.
The originality of this master’s degree is to offer training covering all fields related to nuclear energy.

This master’s degree also aims to prepare students for the research and teaching professions, particularly in the case of further study in a thesis. The very large potential of the research laboratories supporting this Master’s program allows a significant proportion of the student body to be integrated into this program.



In keeping with the wishes of its founder, Charles Friedel, who wanted future chemical company managers to be trained in university environments, in contact with research, Chimie ParisTech-PSL is home to an active and recognized research center. Their fields range from chemistry and physical chemistry of materials and surfaces, process engineering, molecular chemistry, biochemistry, physical chemistry of solutions, analytical sciences and modeling.

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