CentraleSupélec offers engineering programs in its two Graduate Schools of Engineering: Ecole Centrale and Supélec. We are committed to meeting the pressing and recent need of nuclear industrial companies in highly-skilled international executives specializing in nuclear science & technology. Two programs were set up to do so:



The MENg in Energy Systems offers a class in nuclear energy. Its aim is to provide students with the technical fundamentals to understand nuclear energy production as a whole. It gives them a solid background in the major scientific fields covered by nuclear energy, i.e. neutronics, thermal hydraulics, electricity, chemistry, radiation chemistry, and materials engineering. The class shows how all these fields are related and can be applied to nuclear energy (nuclear fuel cycle, electricity production, life-span of materials, etc.).
It is divided into three chapters: nuclear reactors, material irradiation, and fuel cycle.
The idea is to regard students as future project managers in the nuclear industry and to make them capable of discussing with specialists from any technical field (e.g.: experts in neutronics, thermal hydraulics, electricity, chemistry, environment, etc.). After completing the class, students have the sufficient background to pursue—if they wish to—other classes specializing in the nuclear field of the MENg in Energy Systems (e.g.: thermal hydraulics engineering, nuclear engineering, nuclear fuel cycle, etc.).



The Master in Nuclear Energy is mostly designed for international students from countries in need of nuclear training which have signed contracts or agreements with France, or from countries where French industrial companies are developing nuclear activities.
The program was introduced in 2008 in the context of an ever increasing global demand in nuclear power. In France alone, nuclear corporations are planning on hiring about 1,000 new engineers and executives per year over the next ten years.
The MS in Nuclear Energy concentrates in engineering and research, and is jointly run by Paris-Sud University, ParisTech Graduate Schools of Engineering, and INSTN.
Its goal is to provide students with solid multidisciplinary methodology in all areas related to nuclear energy, to get them acquainted with research methods and approaches, and to prepare them to work in large industrial corporations. Five majors are offered:

  • Nuclear Engineering: in-depth knowledge of reactor physics – use of existing tools – development and installation of Generation III reactors – design and development of Generation IV reactors,
  • Nuclear Plant Design: in-depth knowledge of design and construction of nuclear reactor facilities, systems, and equipment,
  • Fuel Cycle: in-depth knowledge of chemistry in order to understand and master the different stages of the cycle. Special emphasis is given to separation and transmutation,
  • Operation: operation and maintenance of nuclear power plants,
  • Decommissioning and Waste Management: in-depth knowledge of the dismantling of nuclear power plants and waste management – protection of people and the environment.
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