Arts & métiers ParisTech

Arts et Métiers ParisTech, the Higher Education Institution for Crafts & Trades, is a Graduate School of Engineering located over 14 campuses throughout France. We train over 6,000 students a year all programs together.
Our mission is to train future industry and service engineers and executives through initial education, research training, or continuing education.



With 15 laboratories, research teams, and a Doctoral School, Arts et Métiers is committed to meeting the needs of French and international industrial companies by sharing its expertise with the business world. Our work focuses on 5 economic sectors:

  • Transports,
  • Energy,
  • Health,
  • Housing,
  • Factories of the future,

and 3 wide fields of research and development:

  • Mechanics, materials, and processes;
  • Fluids and energy systems;
  • Design, industrialization, risk, and decision.

Through its training & research programs jointly run with large research organizations, Arts et Métiers wishes to contribute to French and European industrial innovation.



The school offers an extensive education offer in technology from Bachelor’s degree to PhD:

  • 1 Bachelor’s of Technology
  • 1 Master’s of Engineering
  • 8 Master’s of Engineering through apprenticeship
  • 20 Master’s of Science
  • 17 Post-master’s certificates & MBAs
  • PhDs

Arts et Métiers has developed multiple education programs in nuclear energy to meet the increasing demand in skilled nuclear personnel of industrial corporations.



The MEng major in Engineering for the nuclear industry is offered to students in their third year at Arts & Métiers Paris Tech and is taught at our Paris Campus. A double-degree with INSTN (see p.62) is also available to students enrolled in this major.
We also offer a Master’s of Engineering specializing in energy engineering at our Paris Campus. In partnership with the Ingénieurs 2000 Apprentice Training Center, this program is available through apprenticeship only. It lasts three years and offers two possible majors, including one in nuclear engineering.



In partnership with INSTN and IRSN, the Arts et Métiers Campus at Aix-en-Provence offers a one-year post-master’s certificate in nuclear safety.

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