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Nuclear Civil Engineering


The ESTP Paris’ Master in Nuclear Civil Engineering  is unique in the world in its international orientation and is taught entirely in English. It is designed to meet the challenges of the nuclear sector in the field of construction: design of new-generation power plants; maintenance and dismantling of existing buildings, with particular attention paid to safety and waste management in accordance with the requirements of sustainable development. The high level of scientific teaching and the acquisition of knowledge in advanced technology lead both to doctoral training and to positions of responsibility in industry, in France and abroad. The courses are delivered in various forms: lectures, projects, tutorials, practical work, study tours, etc.

The French industry is among the world leaders in nuclear civil engineering. ESTP Paris trains the largest number of graduates in France in the field of construction and infrastructure development. 


  • Master the design and construction standards of civil engineering
  • Push back the boundaries of the usual methods of design by checking or designing methods to take into account new types of external aggressions
  • Rethink construction methods in order to evolve practices and control margins at the design stage. Bring significant gains in manufacturing time while increasing the level of safety
  • Master advanced scientific tools leading to a PhD

Entry requirements

  • Bachelor degree in civil engineering in 3 or 3.5 years (equivalent to a minimum of 180 ECTS);
  • Bachelor or master degree in other fields such as engineering, mathematics, physics, or mechanical engineering (equivalent to a minimum of 180 ECTS);
  • Level in English: minimum B1 in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages;
  • Level in French: no particular requirement for admission. Depending on the level, optional intensive session of French as a Foreign language in July or August before the start of the programme, and compulsory weekly classes during the master programme.


  • Civil engineering researcher
  • Design engineer
  • Methods engineer
  • Engineer-researcher in the field of nuclear power plants and complex engineering structures: new buildings, maintenance, dismantling, waste management, safety, etc.
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This fantastic course was able to guide me towards a new career in nuclear civil engineering thanks to its very well thought-out programme which covers the notions of discovering the profession, the technical bases essential to the design, construction, maintenance as well as the dismantling of a nuclear power plant.

Thuong Anh Nguyen, GCN Graduate (2014), Design Engineer – Project Manager at Geodynamics and Structure

ESTP Paris