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Major: Materials science for Nuclear Energy (MaNuEn)

Master's degree in materials science and engineering


The Master’s degree in Materials science for Nuclear Energy (MaNuEn) is an international Master’s program designed for students wishing to pursue a career in nuclear R&D, whether in industrial companies or research organizations. Entirely taught in English, the two-year program covers the properties of materials in a nuclear environment (fuel and components) and their sustainability under irradiation. The first year covers the fundamentals of materials science and reactor physics and includes a 2-to-3-month internship. The second year is divided into 2 semesters:
All classes are taught in the first semester with two specialized courses: one at CEA/Cadarache (3 weeks) and one at EDF’s Materials Ageing Institute (2 weeks). About 50% of classes are taught by engineers and researchers from EDF and CEA.
The second semester consists in an internship of at least 5 months carried out either in industry or in a laboratory.
The MaNuEn Master’s degree is jointly issued with INSTN and accredited by I2EN.


What does a graduate with a MaNuEn Master’s degree know, understand, and have the ability to do?

MaNuEn graduates are able to:

  • identify the specific features of nuclear materials,
  • study and describe the behavior of irradiated materials,
  • understand the physico-chemical phenomena used in the manufacturing of crystalline and thin-film ceramic materials,
  • appreciate the main aging process responsible for producing defects in materials,
  • design and conduct experimental procedures to evaluate kinetic and mechanical resistance to corrosion.


Upon graduation, MaNuEn students can apply for the following:

  • Engineer in the nuclear industry
  • R&D engineer
  • Research scientist or assistant professor
  • Doctoral degree program (PhD)

Training facilities

  • 2 weeks at EDF’s “Materials Ageing Institute” (R&D center)
  • 3 weeks at CEA’s Cadarache nuclear research center
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“During the 2 years that I followed the program MaNuEn, I had the chance to experience lectures given by engineers from the industry and perform researches in companies. It was a program that allowed me to strengthen my textbook knowledge and to realize what I learnt in lab courses related or internships”

Chih-Ying (Vivienne) Hsu, Diplômée du MaNuEn (2017)

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