Degrees in English

Of the nearly 100 nuclear degree programmes available in France, here are those taught in English for French and international students:

Bachelor in Nuclear EngineeringGrenoble INP Phelma

Master of Science in Nuclear Energy (MNE) – Paris-Saclay University

  • Year 1 has two tracks:
    • Physics & engineering,
    • Chemistry & chemical engineering
  • Year 2 has five tracks:
    • Fuel Cycle (FC)
    • Decommissioning and waste management (DWM)
    • Operation (OP)
    • Nuclear plant design (NPD)
    • Nuclear reactor physics and engineering (NRPE)

Master of Science in Materials Science for Nuclear Energy (MANUEN) – Grenoble INP Phelma

Master Degree in Safe and Reliable Nuclear Applications (SARENA) – IMT Atlantique

Master of Science in Nuclear Engineering (NE)IMT Atlantique 

Master of Science in Nuclear Civil EngineeringESTP Paris


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