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Register for the “recycling chemistry” online course by INSTN & the Labex CheMISyst

INSTN and the Labex CheMISyst invite you to register for the SPOC « recycling chemistry »
Recycling of metals such as those contained in electronic wastes requires to master dissolution mechanisms, formulation of complex fluid, selective extraction and finally re-mixing of electrolytes in order to obtain high performance recycled material with new economic value. This private online course, or SPOC, focuses on the scientific basis of recycling, illustrated by knowledge-based examples of optimized technology involved in effective separation of chemical species between phases.

Practical information :

  • Opening from March 1 to June 30, 2021
  • Intended for researchers, post-doctoral and doctoral students.
  • Estimated effort: 3 hours /week
  • Registration: spoc@icsm.fr
  • Entry requirement: bachelor level in physical chemistry

Registering for the training will give you access to the learning platform “Instart Learning”, all course materials, videos, pedagogical activities, an exchange forum and video meetings with the teaching staff as well as the exams required for ECTS validation.


More information about the program and pedagogic team


The course has been realised with the support of ICSM, Montpellier université d’excellence, Universität Regensburg, Universität Konstanz, ENSCM, CEA and INSTN.