HCB Roadmap

AIEA’s definition of HCB: “A systematic and integrated approach to develop and continuously improve governmental, organizational and individual competences and capabilities necessary for achieving safe, secure and sustainable nuclear power program.”

One of the biggest challenges faced by a country embarking in a new nuclear energy program is human capacity building. Many questions arise when it comes to training personnel: How many technicians, engineers, and doctors do I need? When do I need to start training them? Which institutions do I have to set up in order to have an efficient nuclear education system?

The first step a newcomer country has to take is therefore to develop a reliable and realistic human resources development roadmap, consistent with its national resources.

The generic HRD roadmap presented below illustrates all the elements a newcomer country has to take into account when considering developing a civilian nuclear power program. It is based on and compliant with IAEA Milestones. Please keep in mind that it needs to be adapted to each country’s specific needs and resources.