Nuclear education & training in france

Aware of the critical need for a highly competent and adequate workforce, France has developed an exhaustive range of specific education & training programs in nuclear energy. All programs are closely linked to research and industrial organizations so as to fully benefit from the latest advances in research and operational feedbacks.
By combining academic and industrial resources, this system offers a broad range of education & training programs and covers the complete spectrum of professions necessary to the operation of a fleet of nuclear power plants and fuel cycle facilities: technicians for operation, radiation protection, safety, security, and maintenance; engineers and researchers for design, operation and innovation; experts in all fields, such as materials, safety, radiation protection, nuclear law, and project management; managers; professors, and teachers to transfer the corresponding knowledge and skills.
For countries that intend to develop civilian nuclear power programs, the major challenge is to ensure sufficient and well-trained staff to manage all the stages of their projects.
Curricula must be tailored as closely as possible to the needs of each country’s nuclear program and industry. France has been working for years on this issue which represents one of the major assets of its nuclear industry. It is willing to share its experience in nuclear energy education & training with any country in need of its expertise in the field.
France, through the International Institute of Nuclear Energy(I2EN), is ready to accompany its partners in the definition of their own education & training programs.