Experts committee

I2EN’s Experts Committee consists of French and international experts nominated intuiti personae for their scientific and technical knowledge and know-how.




Committee reviews nuclear education and training programs and assesses new projects. It awards I2EN accreditation on the basis of clear and relevant criteria.


It can also be called upon for advice by the High-commissioner.


Each year, the Committee writes a report for the High-commissioner where it reviews the French nuclear education & training offer at large.




Members of the Experts Committee are appointed by the High-commissioner for Atomic Energy and approved by the Partners Council.


The Experts Committee nominates its own Chairman who reports directly to the High-commissioner.


Appointed experts serve on the Committee for 6 years (renewable once). In case an expert is unable to complete his/her term or withdraws, he/she shall be replaced for the remaining duration of his or her term.


Members of the Experts Committee come both from industry and academia.

Experts Committee

  • Gérard Cote_2

    Gérard Cote

    Gérard Cote graduated from ESCPI ParisTech in 1976 and obtained his PhD fromPierre et Marie Curie University,Paris,France in 1980. He completed his post-doctorate work at the Imperial College London,...

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  • Francis Teyssandier_2

    Francis Teyssandier

    Francis Teyssandier is a graduate from Chimie ParisTech (Paris Graduate School of Chemical Engineering) and holds a PhD from Grenoble University. In 1984, he joins the French National Scientific Resea...

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  • TAMPONNET_Christian

    Christian Tamponnet

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  • Gilles Perrin_2

    Gilles Perrin

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  • PAQUET_Francois

    François Paquet

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  • MARGUET_Serge

    Serge Marguet

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  • Michaël Lecomte_2

    Michaël Lecomte

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  • Bernd Grambow_2

    Bernd Grambow

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  • Jean-Paul Glatz_2

    Jean-Paul Glatz

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  • Fernand Benchikhoune

    Fernand Benchikhoune has been Deputy Technical Director of the Dismantling & Services Division at AREVA’s Back-End Business Group since 2014. As such, he has been developing technical and operationa...

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  • Pierre Eymond

    Pierre Eymond

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  • Sylvain David

    Sylvain David

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  • Emmanuelle Gaillard-Lecanu_2

    Emmanuelle Gaillard-Lecanu

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  • Bernard Bonin_2

    Bernard Bonin

    Dr. Bernard Bonin specializes in fundamental research, especially in nuclear physics and accelerator physics. Since 2003, he has been Deputy Scientific Director of the Nuclear Energy Division (DEN) at...

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  • VILLARD_Michèle

    Michèle Villard

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