The nuclear industry relies on an extremely broad education and training offer. This offer targets students, employees and job-seekers. It involves a large panel of players: from high schools and universities, to engineering schools, companies, and certification organizations, etc.

Professional certificates are part of a pro-active policy to boost visibility of qualifications and diplomas on a national, European and international scale. They are designed on the basis of job and skill benchmarks.

Following a registration process and if they meet all requirements, diplomas and certificates are registered and listed in the French professional certification register (RNCP8).

Undergraduate and graduate programs must meet the following two conditions to be registered:

  • Good professional integration of graduates: surveys are conducted to check how swiftly graduates find work, if their jobs are in line with their education, and if they obtained professional recognition from their peers,
  • Faculty from the business world: classes must be taught by teachers and/ or trainers from the business world and the content of their classes specifically comply with the targeted skills.

Unlike other kinds of degrees, certified degrees prepare students for specific jobs which require specialized skills.