• andra-2


    Andra, the French National Radioactive Waste Management Agency, is supervised by the French Government Departments of Energy, Research, and the Environment. The agency is completely independent from r...

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  • areva-2


    AREVA supplies high value-added products and services for the operation of the global nuclear fleet. It is recognized by utilities all over the world for its expertise, its skills in cutting- edge tec...

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  • cdefi
  • cea-2


    CEA, the Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies Commission, is a French public research organization. We conduct research in low carbon energies (nuclear and renewable energies), defense and global se...

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  • cnrs-2


    CNRS, the French National Center for Scientific Research, is a public organization supervised by the French Government Department of Higher Education and Research. We cover all scientific fields: huma...

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  • CPU_HD
  • edf-2


    EDF is the world’s largest producer of electricity, covering all aspects, from engineering and generation to transmission, distribution, and delivery. Solidly anchored in Europe, notably in France b...

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  • engie-2


    ENGIE reaffirms its strategic decision to promote a diversified, balanced and carbon-free energy mix. For the most part consisting of natural gas, nuclear energy and renewable energy sources (hydropow...

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  • giin-2


    GIIN, the French Nuclear Suppliers Association, provides a unifi ed voice for and represents nuclear trade federations and organizations.

    We help our member companies develop onto new m...

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  • irsn-2


    IRSN, the French Institute for Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety, is the national public expert on nuclear and radiological risks. IRSN contributes to public policies in the fields of nuclear sa...

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  • Ministère_des_Affaires_étrangères_et_du_développement_international

    Department of Foreign Affairs and International Development

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  • New_blocmindef_Bluequad

    Department of Defense

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  • Logo-Ministère-de-lEconomie-de-lIndustrie-et-du-Numérique-1

    Department of Economy and Finance

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  • Ministere_education_nationale_enseignement_superieur_recherche_France_2014_logo

    Department of Education, Higher Education, and Research

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  • Ministere-de-l-Environnement-de-l-Energie-et-de-la-Mer-v2

    Department of Environment, Energy, and Marine Affairs

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