ENSICAEN, Caen Graduate School of Engineering, provides fi rst-class scientifi c and technical training to future engineers. Our training offer is supported by a cutting-edge research center with seven laboratories, six of which are jointly run with CEA, CNRS, and Caen Basse-Normandie University, and one laboratory jointly run with NXP France and Presto Engineering.




We train engineers in Electronics and applied physics, Computer science, and Materials chemistry. We also have two apprenticeship programs in Informatics, electronic banking, and system security, and in Mechanics and materials engineering.




We offer four continuing education programs: an MEng in Industrial engineering in partnership with ITII, a post-master’s certifi cate in Electronic banking and secured transactions (MTS), an international master’s degree in Sustainable Nuclear Energy – Applications and Management (SNEAM), and a qualifying program in Economic intelligence.




ENSICAEN is an internationally recognized multidisciplinary research center. The fi elds of research of our 7 joint research units are nuclear physics, atomic, molecular and condensed matter physics, chemistry, materials, catalysis, organic chemistry, and information and communications technologies.


Lower Normandy is a region renowned for its expertise in nuclear energy and medical applications. It is a reference player in the Normandy nuclear cluster. This sector employs about 14,000 people in the region.


ENSICAEN offers two nuclear-specific programs:

  • An MEng in Electronics and applied physics with one of the following two majors:
    • Nuclear engineering: design and operation of nuclear facilities, reactor operation, neutronics, thermal hydraulics, computer modeling, and safety,
    • Advanced instrumentation: R&D for instrumentation and measurement systems, photonic applications, optics, LASERs and optoelectronics, industrial and medical applications of radiation, imaging, radiation protection, design and implementation of sensing applications, control- command.
  • An international MS in Sustainable Nuclear Engineering–Applications and Management (SNEAM), jointly run with EM Nantes and aiming at sharpening students’ scientific, technical, and industrial skills. The three majors are:
    • Advanced Nuclear Waste Management (ANWM) provides strong insights on dismantling and decommissioning issues,
    • Nuclear Energy Production & Industrial Applications (NEPIA) specializes in nuclear reactors and industrial applications (particles beams technology, instrumentation, etc.),
    • Nuclear Technologies for Medical Applications (NUTMA) focuses on the different nuclear technologies used in the medical fi eld. ENSICAEN is also a member of the Normandy Nuclear Science and Nuclear Applications Cluster, NUCLEOPOLIS: www.nucleopolis.com.



  • 700 students
  • 5,200 alumni
  • 177 PhD students
  • 650 researchers, tenured professors, technicians, and support staff
  • 14 MEngs, MS’ and post-master’s certificates