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The International Institute of Nuclear Energy – I2EN is a consortium that gathers all French players involved in nuclear education & training. I2EN represents and coordinates France’s nuclear industry, R&D, and academia in France and abroad for all matters related to nuclear Human Capacity Building. By bringing together all these players, I2EN serves as a unified voice for countries wishing to develop nuclear education & training programs and to benefit from the French expertise in nuclear Human Capacity Building.




Represent and coordinate the French offer in nuclear Human Capacity Building abroad in order to:


flechePropose the best education & training solutions tailored to the needs of partner countries flecheShare best practices in Human Capacity Building so as to contribute to the implementation of safe and sustainable nuclear power programs flecheEnsure collective capacity of welcoming foreign students and professionals in French nuclear corporations & research organizations

I2EN Accreditation

Review the French offer in nuclear education & training with regards to the needs of industry in skilled personnel.




  • Assessment of immediate and long-term HR needs.
  • Support and guidance in the design of nuclear workforce development plans.
  • Development of nuclear education and training programs.
  • Welcome of students and interns in existing academic and internship programs in France.
  • Set-up of vocational training institutions.
  • Development of on-the-job training programs directly related to current nuclear projects.
  • Organization of “Train-the-Trainers” programs.



  • Yearly update of the nuclear education programs database

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  • Accreditation of nuclear education programs : vocational Bachelor’s of Science degrees, Master’s of Science degrees, and Master’s of Engineering degrees.

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