I2EN Staff

  • Yves FANJAS

    Yves Fanjas

    - Director -

    Yves Fanjas is a graduate from Arts & Métiers Graduate School of Engineering, the Institut de Contrôle de Gestion (Accounting Management Institute) and holds a Master’s of Science degree

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  • Henri SAFA

    Henri Safa

    - Deputy Director -

    Henri Safa is a graduate from Supélec Graduate School of Engineering and holds a PhD in Material Science which he carried out at ONERA, the French Aerospace Research Center. He begins his career in t...

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  • Audrey NAVON-GROSS

    Audrey Navon-Gross

    - Communications Officer -

    Audrey Navon-Gross is a graduate from ISIT School of Cross-Cultural Communications and Management and holds a Master's degree from Paris-Diderot University. After completing her BA in English & German...

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  • Brigitte JACOB

    Brigitte Jacob

    - Events Officer -

    Brigitte Jacob holds an Associate's degree in information management. She starts her career at CEA in 1983 at CEA LETI, the Laboratory for Electronics and Information Technology, where she is in charg...

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  • Christian SAURAT

    Christian Saurat

    - Bilateral & Institutional Relations -

    Christian Saurat is a graduate from Paris 13 University. He begins his career as a designer at EDF's CERT, the Division in charge of transmission lines studies, in 1982.

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  • Sandra_BOUNEAU

    Sandra Bouneau

    - Academic advisor -

    Sandra Bouneau defends her PhD thesis in 1997 on the structure of superdeformed nuclei and is granted a European Marie Curie postdoctoral fellowship to study a segmented gamma-ray multi-detector at th...

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    Elsa Rodrigues

    - Personal Assistant -

    Elsa Rodrigues holds an Administrative assistant Associate's degree. She is a native French and Portuguese speaker and learnt English and Spanish. From 2008 to 2010, she works as an apprentice at CEA-...

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  • VAUDIAU_Linda

    Linda Vaudiau

    - Personal Assistant -

    Linda Vaudiau holds an Administrative assistant Associate’s degree.
    From 2009 to 2013, she works for ENGIE Inéo on the CEA/Saclay site, where she ensures the follow-up of maintenance and wor...

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