Executive Office

I2EN’s Executive Director, Deputy Executive Director & their staff carry out the day-to-day functions of the Institute.




The Executive Office consists of:

  • the Executive Director and Deputy Executive Director
  • the Executive Staff seconded to I2EN from its Partners



The Executive Office implements the policy set by the Partners Council.


It executes:

  • I2EN’s global operations plan,
  • office duties for the Partners Council, the Assembly, and the Experts Committee.


It is responsible for responding to requests from:

  • the Chairman, the Partners Council, and the Experts Committee;
  • the Director of CEA’s International Relations Division, CEA’s Nuclear Advisors abroad (click here for more info about CEA’s Nuclear Advisors Network), AFNI’s Director, I2EN’s Partners and Associate Members, foreign professionals from academia, government institutions, or industry;
  • French and international students for initial education and guidance;
  • French and foreign professionals for continuing education.


To do so, it relies on:

  • a database of French nuclear education and training programs (yearly updated) and a bilingual website;
  • CEA’s Nuclear Advisors Network to respond to foreign requests;
  • highly-skilled experts summoned upon request to participate in projects led by the Executive Director and the Deputy Executive Director.