About I2EN

Our mission: coordinating the French offer in nuclear human capacity building.




The International Institute of Nuclear Energy (I2EN) represents and coordinates France’s nuclear industry, R&D, and academia abroad to support and foster the export of French nuclear technologies. By bringing together all the players of French industry, R&D, and academia, I2EN serves as a unified voice for countries wishing to develop nuclear curricula and to benefit from the French expertise in the field.

The mission of the Institute is to provide newcomer and expanding countries with the best training solutions for human resource development in nuclear energy and to help and guide them in the development of their own nuclear education & training systems. I2EN is here to share best practices in human capacity building so as to contribute to the safe and reliable implementation of civilian nuclear power programs in newcomer and expanding countries.

I2EN also reviews French nuclear educational programs with regards to the needs of the industry and accredits them through its independent Committee of Experts.




I2EN conducts an annual survey on nuclear education and training programs in universities and engineering schools. This survey consists of listing nuclear-specific curricula and analyzing their contents. Since 2010, I2EN has been collecting data on over 80 French Master’s degrees and 47 undergraduate degrees (from high school diplomas to Bachelor’s degrees) in nuclear energy. The outcome of this survey is summarized in the I2EN handbook on nuclear education & training in France.

The handbook offers a selection of first-class Master’s programs in the field and gives key information to understanding the French academic system. You will also find a list of institutions awarding vocational high school diplomas, advanced technician degrees, Associate’s degrees, and vocational Bachelor’s degrees in nuclear environment and maintenance. Check it out online at www.i2en.fr or ask for your own hard copy at contact@i2en.fr.

Under specific agreements with industrial companies, academic institutions, and Government organizations from France’s partner countries, I2EN and its partners:

  • assess your immediate and long-term needs,
  • support and guide you in the design of your nuclear workforce development plan,
  • develop academic programs in the universities of your country (BS, MS, and PhD programs),
  • register students and interns in existing academic and internship programs in France,
  • implement vocational training solutions and set up vocational training institutions,
  • develop on-the-job training programs directly related to your current nuclear projects.