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You will find on our website a range of the best training solutions for the development of human resources in nuclear energy. Among the five world leaders in nuclear energy, France, its companies, high schools, and universities have developed extensive expertise in training with priority to safety and reliability of all players in the nuclear power industryRead more...

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Take 3 minutes to discover France's expertise in nuclear energy . The 2014 video in full screen.

Click here to read the I2EN handbook on French nuclear education & training and discover how French industrial companies, research organizations, and academia offer to help newcomer and expanding countries.



AREVA: The 2014/2015 Training Offer Catalog is available online!

AREVA Learning Solutions benefits from the group's expertise in the nuclear sector and provides its customers and partners with an all-encompassing range of solutions designed to build up human capacity, underpinned by an extensive training offer. Our training solutions are proposed and rolled out by our three training organizations: AREVA University, Trihom and Corys. More information >>>

Browse through our pictures of WNE and discover all the innovative pedagogical tools and learning solutions we presented on our stand at the World Nuclear Exhibition.

Photo gallery - Day 1 >>>

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Thank you!

I2EN and its partners would like to thank all of you who came and visited our stand at WNE. If the expo and our stand were such a big success, it's also thanks to you! We invite you to come and meet us again in 2016 for the second edition of the World Nuclear Exhibition.

Come and meet I2EN on stand #H32!

On the occasion of the World Nuclear Exhibition, I2EN and its partners offer you to discover a whole range of innovative pedagogical tools on their stand. 

Schedule of Events (Tuesday and Wednesday, October 14-15, 2014)

I2EN: The 2013-2014 handbook on nuclear education & training has arrived!

This year again, I2EN has updated and publishes its handbook on French nuclear training and education. The 2013-2014 issue is even more extensive than the latest and has a few surprises in store! You’ll find a selection of first-class academic programs with no less than 67 institutions awarding vocational high-school degrees, advanced technician degrees, vocational undergraduate degrees, and master's degrees. More information >>>


United Kingdom: Future joint training centers and programs

On January 31, 2013, the French and UK governments issued a joint declaration announcing their commitment to developing safe nuclear energy, sound business relations and unequalled skills in the field. The declaration paves the way to the construction of new nuclear plants, the development of new opportunities for SMEs of the nuclear sector, and the set-up of joint training centers. More information >>>

IAEA: New agreement on nuclear education and training between France and IAEA

On November 29, 2013, IAEA and France signed an agreement to enable French nuclear organizations to play a bigger role in IAEA activities in nuclear education and training, especially with newcomer countries. The practical arrangements were concluded between Alexander Bychkov, IAEA Deputy Director General and Head of the Department of Nuclear Energy, and Frédéric Journès, Governor of France to the IAEA and Director of the International Affairs Division of the French Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies Commission (CEA). More information >>>

Turkey: Memorandum of Understanding on future energy projects

Gerard Mestrallet, CEO of GDF-Suez, and Turkish Secretary of Energy and Natural Resources, Taner Yildiz, signed on Monday, January 27, in Ankara a Memorandum of Understanding for cooperation on future energy projects in Turkey in presence of French President François Hollande and his Turkish counterpart Abdullah Gül. More information >>>

Poland: Polish Government approves new nuclear energy plan

The Polish Government adopted on Tuesday, January 28, a national nuclear energy plan, setting a legal and technological framework for the commissioning, by late 2024, of the first reactor of one of the two planned nuclear plants. More information >>>

Saudi Arabia: AREVA, EDF, and I2EN at the forefront of nuclear training

On the occasion of French President François Hollande's visit to Riyadh on December 30, 2013, I2EN, EDF and AREVA signed a series of agreements with four Saudi universities: King Saud University in Ryadh, Dar Al Hekma University and Effat University in Jeddah, and Prince Mohammad University in Al-Khobar.

These Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) aim at contributing to the development of nuclear skills in Saudi Arabia. More information >>>

Why choose cooperative education?

Cooperative education facilitates the professional integration of young workers but it is also much more demanding than traditional education. Get the latest information with Michèle Villard, specialist on the issue at the French Institute for Nuclear Science and Technology (INSTN). Read more.

Trainings in radiation protection face increasing demand

To meet the needs of industrial companies, trainings in radiation protection are facing increasing demand. Highlight on the topic with Akli Hammadi, Manager of the program in Nuclear medicine and Radiation protection at INSTN. Read more.

Collaboration with Finland

I2EN signed a framework agreement with the Finnish University of Aalto that is developing R&D and training within an interdisciplinary framework of the highest international level. Read more.

Firt World Nuclear Exhibition in Paris, october 2014

Gérard Kottmann is Managing Director of Valinox Nucléaire and also chairs the newly created Association of French Nuclear Industry Exporters (AIFEN), which will be organising the first World Nuclear Exhibition in Paris in October 2014. Read more on AIFEN & the WNE 2014.

The “Licence Pro” vocational degree deserves greater recognition

Luc Valentin, Research Teacher and subnuclear physics specialist at Paris-Diderot University, firmly believes in the advantages of the “Licence Pro” degree. He nonetheless feels that this kind of vocational degree is not given sufficient recognition by recruiting firms. Read more

Bridges for training with the Warsaw University of Technology

The Warsaw University of Technology has entered into two agreements with French establishments to foster the development of nuclear training and education. Read more

A standing ovation for the INSTN distant on-line training on a real reactor operation

Standing ovation at the IAEA General Conference for the very first practical demontration by the INSTN of the possibility to make a distant on-line training on a real reactor operation. Read more.

Safety culture training & information in Europe

Nushare aims to develop safety culture training for a variety of audiences, within the framework of the 7th PCRD. Claude Renault (INSTN) is in charge of developing the programme for the civil society stakeholders. Read more.

Franco-Saudi cooperation with a view to training in the field of nuclear and renewable energies

On 18th June 2013, INSTN and I2EN welcomed a fifteen-strong delegation from Saudi Arabian universities and training institutions, accompanied by representatives from Areva, EDF and CEA. They were able to take a look at the technical resources available at INSTN and CEA, including the ISIS teaching reactor. Read more.

Polish professors at EDF Energy

A postcard from Wojtek Zacharczuk professor at Politechnika Wroclawska (Wrocław, Poland) who has spent two internships in Sizewell NPP (EDF Energy) in the frame of “Train The Trainers/Poland” Program, together with Grzegorz Niewiński, professor at Politechnika Warszawska (Warsaw). Read more.

French offer capacity presented at the IAEA

Rapid overview of the training needs, with Claude Barbalat (I2EN) who represented France with Jean-Luc His (EDF) at the IAEA meeting on the Copperation for Human Resource Development Among Embarking & Experienced Countries held at the agency's headquarters in Vienna from 4 to 6 June 2013. Read the full interview.

Build the curricula according to the expected skills

The fifth International Conference on Education and Training in Radiological Protection (ETRAP 2013) took place from 12 to 15 March 2013 under the stewardship of the European Nuclear Society and AIEA. Paul Livolsi, Head of the European Master in Radiological Protection EMRP at the Institut national des sciences et techniques nucléaires (CEA) reviews the highlights of Etrap 2013. Read more.

Are you preparing an internship?

At the end of their Master, foreign students may find it difficult to find "the" right internship in a company of nuclear power in France. Nathalie Neyret, Head of Campus Management in Human Resources of the Areva Company gives some tips to prepare for an internship in the particular case where the trainee is not French. Read more.

On the international scene

 The France actors in nuclear education, with EDF & Areva, at the International Exhibition & Conference on Higher Education (IECHE 2013) - Riyadh (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), April 2013. Read more.

"Studiuj energetykę jądrową we Francji !" Representatives of international masters in nuclear energy at the “Studies and Careers in France” Fair - Poland, February 2013. More information

Capitalizing or re-capitalizing Nuclear Knowledge in Preparation of a Nuclear Power Program - International workshop on knowledge management - Paris, January 2013. Read more: videos, blog and reports.

Two papers on education & trianing in France at the international conference of the European Nuclear Society - Manchester (Great Britain), December 2012. Read more.

 Education& training with the major actors of nuclear in France, at the international exhibition on nuclear energy - Hanoi (Vietnam), October 2012. Read more on the areas of collaboration proposed by I2EN in Vietnam.

Education& training with the major actors of nuclear in France, at the IAEA General conference - Vienna (Austria), september 2012. Back to the program of the France booth

France hosted 25 professionals, selected by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) from 16 countries,  for a training session dedicated to nuclear energy programme implementation - Paris-Saclay Campus, near Paris, June & July 2012. Presentation of the session programme.

Education& training with the major actors of nuclear in France at the second International Congress on Atomic Energy in Warsaw - 22-24 May 2012. See online all the French contributions

Prague : Seminar for young professionals of safety from France and Czech Republic - 30 may - 1rst june 2012, Prague (Czech Republic). Read more.

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Clip I2EN: missions & values

"Experience, Skills, Innovation" The video edited by the partners of the France booth at the IAEA general conference, september 2013

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Save the date!

From October 14-16, come and visit us on stand #32 at the World Nuclear Exhibition in Paris-Le Bourget, France! Read more.

International School in Nuclear Engineering 2014-2015. Read more.

Basic operation of nuclear reactor, International course, 16 – 20 September 2013. Read more.

 Generation IV: Nuclear reactor systems for the future. 16 – 20 Sept 2013, Saclay. Read more.

 ExeNuc: Major issues of the nuclear business for executives. Nov. 25, 2013. Read more.

 Training program at ENSTTI for 2013-2014


  The I2EN website now offers pages dedicated to those who are looking for an internship in France in nuclear energy domain: lists of companies, a guide for preparing the internship, recommendations and testimonials. Read more

I2EN has a new leaflet! Check it out to learn more about how our institute supports international students, academics, professionals and decision-makers. Read more

Sino-French Institute of Nuclear Engineering & Technology (SFINET)

The very first booklet on engineer education in nuclear energy in France: download.

Another set of faculty members of Polish universities hosted in France nuclear laboratories and companies in 2012. Read more...



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Nuclear energy education in France

Reactor physics, design and operation, the physics and chemistry of the nuclear fuel cycle, materials science, waste management, dismantling, radioprotection, and nuclear safety : more than 20 academic institutions in France offering education & training for better jobs and skills in nuclear energy.  There are several training programs available in English which are often conducted within international exchange programs. Ongoing professional training is also available at dedicated institutions notably the Institut national des sciences et techniques nucléaires (INSTN), the International Nuclear Academy (INA) and industrials.

Solutions tailored to specific needs

Bringing together the leading universities and engineering schools as well as the main research organisations and companies in the French nuclear industry, the International Institute of Nuclear Energy (I2EN) provides to foreign partners of France the best solutions in education and training for the development of human resources in nuclear energy.

Internship opportunities at CNRS

CNRS, the French National Center for Scientific Research, is a public organization supervised by the French Government Department of Higher Education and Research. We cover all scientific fields: human and social sciences, biology, nuclear and particle physics, computer science, engineering and systems, physics, mathematics, chemistry, earth sciences, ecology and the environment. We encourage exchanges between disciplines to always take research to a new level. Our numerous laboratories are spread not only throughout France but also abroad.
CNRS is involved in upstream research on nuclear energy, by studying innovative cycles and systems (hybrid systems and dedicated accelerators, molten salt reactors, thorium cycle, transmutation of waste…), modeling and multi-physics coupling, innovative materials for Generation IV reactors and waste confinement, nuclear instrumentation, the behavior of radionuclides in the environment, new methods for separation chemistry, and also by involving the human sciences community on risk issues and decision-making processes  (reactors, waste storage). We collaborate with major players of the nuclear sector of France and abroad, notably thanks to the NEEDS project, and European programs, platforms, and networks.

Chemical analysis and imaging of elements implanted in metallic alloys for nuclear applications

Center for Nuclear Sciences and Material Sciences (CSNSM), Condensed Matter and Irradiation Team of the Solid State Physics Group

Institute of Nuclear Physics, Orsay (IPNO) – Instrumentation & Computing Division (D2I) –  R&D for Detectors Team

Institute of Nuclear Physics, Orsay (IPNO) – physics and radiochemistry of nuclear energy - Back-end of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Spallation Physics Team (PACS)

Electrodeposition of lanthanides in ionic liquids

Institute of Nuclear Physics, Orsay (IPNO) – physics and radiochemistry of nuclear energy – Radiochimistry group

Extraction of γ-emitter radionuclides at ultra-trace level

Institute of Nuclear Physics, Orsay (IPNO) – physics and radiochemistry of nuclear energy - Back-end of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Spallation Physics Team (PACS)

Study of gamma emission in spontaneous fission of 252Cf

Institute of Nuclear Physics, Orsay (IPNO) – physics and radiochemistry of nuclear energy - Back-end of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Spallation Physics Team (PACS)

Measurement of in-depth distribution of hydrogen in zirconium by resonant nuclear reaction 15N(p,)12C

Center for Nuclear Sciences and Material Sciences (CSNSM), Semiramis Team

Institute of Nuclear Physics, Orsay (IPNO) – physics and radiochemistry of nuclear energy - Back-end of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Spallation Physics Team (PACS)

Gamma/neutron separation by spectrum analysis

Institute of Nuclear Physics, Orsay (IPNO) – Instrumentation & Computing Division (D2I) –  R&D for Detectors Team

Characterization of the neutron emission from the LICORNE source with the reaction p(11B,n)11C

Institute of Nuclear Physics, Orsay (IPNO) – physics and radiochemistry of nuclear energy - Back-end of the Nuclear Cycle and Spallation Physics Team (PACS)

Innovative nuclear systems and fuel cycle dynamics calculations (2)

Institute of Nuclear Physics, Orsay (IPNO) – physics and radiochemistry of nuclear energy - Back-end of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Spallation Physics Team (PACS)